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We will work hard to cater a solution that meets both your developmental needs as well as your budget.

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Simply send us an email introduction with your project scope and needs and we will reply as soon as possible with various solutions to consider.

Development Begins

Once we settle on a solution that fits your needs, we will begin development to meet agreed upon deadlines.  We will update you along the way with access to your demo site.

Test & Deliver

Once we get to a deliverable stage, we make final adjustments with you and teach how to continue to make updates after we turn your new website over.  We will always be there should you need our help!

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Our experienced designers and developers at MSG always strive to give the best solutions to our clients!

There is no project too big or budget too small. We have the ability to develop assets in house and meet most budget limitations. However, for those special projects with higher resources available, we have a very talented network of developers to get the job done…and on time!

Web Design 90%
Coach & Administrator Representation 80%
Social Media 90%
Event Management & Online Registration 90%



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One of the challenges of owning a website is maintaining a website! With MSG’s countless combinations of social media hubs at your disposal, you can create a really attractive display that updates automatically based on your search parameters. So, if you tweet, post, like, or share something from your phone or your desktop…BOOM! It will […]

In this day and age, there are more opportunities than ever for upward movement in sports. But how do you navigate this winding path? At MSG, we want to represent you to future employers with the professionalism and discretion you have earned. With our representation plan, you pay a retainer fee for our attorneys to […]

We all know what Swag is… Swag is that feeling you get when you are in the zone. Everything goes right, and nothing can stop you. The “flow” is seamless and even tasks that caused you problems in the past just seem to get solved with minimal effort. These are the premise of why MSG’s […]

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Modern Sports Group

Modern Sports Group is a company that is built on leveraging today’s technology and trends to help our clients position themselves in even the most competitive landscapes.

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