Pico-Get Personal & MSG Team Up to Activate Fans!

Pico-Get Personal, www.picogp.com, & MSG have agreed to collaborate with a partnership that will increase access to Pico’s valuable social data analytics while activating fans within the MSG Fan App via in-app entertainment for the entire family. Games can be leveraged to incentivize participation as well as generate revenue with creative sponsor activation. We are […]

Wellnicity and Genesis Today to Fund Research & Fan App

Modern Sports Group is excited to announce an agreement to integrate Wellnicity and Genesis Today brands within all of Modern Sports Group product offerings and channels. The collaboration will take a multi-phased approach with ramp up escalators built in to the agreement. “This is an exciting day for our entire MSG team and, personally, for […]

MSG launches cryptocurrency tokenization and rewards program management.

The age of digital currency is upon us and there is no stopping it. Here at MSG, we have spent countless hours developing models to help our clients capture their market share in this emerging space. We are really excited about the development and momentum our efforts have generated in creating a tokenization management division […]

MSG’s Social Media Hubs keep your website current with little effort

One of the challenges of owning a website is maintaining a website! With MSG’s countless combinations of social media hubs at your disposal, you can create a really attractive display that updates automatically based on your search parameters. So, if you tweet, post, like, or share something from your phone or your desktop…BOOM! It will […]

Swag Sites® are the bundle you have been waiting for

We all know what Swag is… Swag is that feeling you get when you are in the zone. Everything goes right, and nothing can stop you. The “flow” is seamless and even tasks that caused you problems in the past just seem to get solved with minimal effort. These are the premise of why MSG’s […]

The guys at Modern Sports Group are very professional and take pride in their work. They are attentive and the turnaround is very fast. Their solutions also work with my bottom line at that is a big piece as well.
Danny Woodfill

Modern Sports Group

Modern Sports Group is a company that is built on leveraging today’s technology and trends to help our clients position themselves in even the most competitive landscapes.


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