SFA first to utilize blockchain in collegiate athletics!

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019, Stephen F. Austin State University made history becoming the first collegiate athletics department in the country to integrate blockchain into its operations. Titled the SFA Athletics Token Club, it streamlines distribution and redemption and allows for full transferability of rewards. Participating vendors will also accept SFA Athletic tokens as a […]

MSG launches cryptocurrency tokenization and rewards program management.

The age of digital currency is upon us and there is no stopping it. Here at MSG, we have spent countless hours developing models to help our clients capture their market share in this emerging space. We are really excited about the development and momentum our efforts have generated in creating a tokenization management division […]

Why MSG Client Representation?

In this day and age, there are more opportunities than ever for upward movement in sports. But how do you navigate this winding path? At MSG, we want to represent you to future employers with the professionalism and discretion you have earned. With our representation plan, you pay a retainer fee for our attorneys to […]

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Modern Sports Group is a company that is built on leveraging today’s technology and trends to help our clients position themselves in even the most competitive landscapes.

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