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Website Design

As important a role as social media and apps play in today’s digital landscape, your website is still critical to building your brand on all digital fronts

Get the website presence you have always wanted

Our website design services will get you up and running FAST! With options to fit any budget, there is no reason to postpone your website refresh.

How our website design service can help your business

Your website is still the place where credibility and conversions are earned

There is no doubt that social media plays a critical role in building your brand and growing your audience. But, when the top of the funnel is full and it is time to move your audience to the middle or lower levels, a website that is on brand and engaging can make, or break, your conversion rate.

MSG Digital will do the heavy lifting and build a site based on your brand guidelines. With fully custom option for higher end budgets or template customization for tighter budgets, we have dealt with it all.

FAQs about web design & development

Web design and development on a demo domain so as not to interrupt your current business operation is standard. We have hosting options we will include in your pricing as well or we can migrate the demo site to your host if you prefer.

We also include 3 hrs of annual development to help keep your site current at no additional charge.

We can customize your project scope to include client management, MSG Digital management or a hybrid approach.

Depending on what your project scope is, that will impact pricing. Factors to consider are:

  • Licensing the site or purchasing it outright;
  • Client content management or MSG management
  • Greater than 3 hours of development per year expected.

All of this will be outlined in your project scope with fully transparent pricing options.