TRX Coin Bundle – 2,000 TRX


  • To have your TRX coins sent to you following your purchase, please copy/paste your TronWallet address here. The limit is 34 characters so you can not send your Private Key by mistake.
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Ready to buy TRX coins to realize the full potential of your TronWallet and the Tron blockchain?

No problem!  With our buy direct token functionality, MSG has done all the hard work for you up front and ready to sell you TRX direct!  Simply select from the token bundles below, copy/paste your wallet address and proceed to checkout and that is it!  We have added in measured fees that allow us to make nominal profit from providing this convenience to our customers.

We will process your order and send your purchased coins to your specified wallet address between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.